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Pineapple Payments info

Pittsburgh, PA

NEXT architecture designed Pineapple Payments workplace located at 11 Stanwix in downtown Pittsburgh, PA. As the company matures the client desired a tech-like atmosphere to attract and retain local talent; this 12,000 square foot office design also allows the space to grow larger past the current demising wall without disturbing any closed conference rooms. The open office incorporates private break out areas and open collaboration space.

Pineapple Payment’s iconic pineapple is featured throughout the space but also reflects a deeper meaning as a symbol of hospitality. Loose representations of the geometry of a pineapple were used in finish materials, ceiling and carpet patterns. The ‘core’ of the pineapple is the communal café area; Pineapple Payments wanted a space that attracted people into a shared space to allow for a more team-like atmosphere and comradery. The café also capitalizes on the best view of Pittsburgh’s three rivers, stadiums and the point.

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