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The Piazza info

South Fayette Township, PA

NEXT architecture designed The Piazza, a new 8 acre retail center in South Fayette Township, PA. The project aims to create a vibrant retail and dining experience centered around a community public green-space. By incorporating flexible design elements and family friendly amenities, the public green space creates a refreshing community based retail experience. Five of the site’s seven building surround the central public green space. The site’s anchor building, centered on the main site approach, utilizes two stories to increase visibility to the nearby state and interstate routes. The aesthetics established at the anchor building permeates the site and is the central design language throughout the project. The other surrounding one-story buildings contain ample floor-to-ceiling clear space catering to a wide variety of potential tenants. These buildings open up to the green space through patios, large roof overhangs, outdoor seating and a play of light colored masonry and glazing that blur the line between the exterior and interior. Warm wood cladding, found higher on the façade, provides a backdrop for signage while complimenting the light palette.

NAIOP Pittsburgh 2023 Catalytic Retail Development Winner- Burns and Scalo Real Estate

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