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BRGR - Downtown info

Pittsburgh, PA

NEXT architecture designed the 1,325 square foot BRGR restaurant located in downtown Pittsburgh. The challenge of this project was to transform a long narrow space into a burger joint with an Americana feel. NEXT approached the design problem by creating dining zones within the floor plan. Reclaimed barn wood was used to create a tunnel in the center of the space, connecting remote booth seating with the bar area. NEXT utilized materials, light fixtures and furnishings to achieve a rustic feel in the space. Charred wood paneling and a concrete bar top were included to add texture to the space. Unique objects were found, repurposed, and incorporated throughout the restaurant. Large canvas artwork featuring BRGR’s iconic bull from their logo is featured in the bar area. A folding glass partition allows the restaurant’s relaxed atmosphere to spill out onto the sidewalk with an outdoor seating area.

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