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Ansys HQ info

Pittsburgh, PA

NEXT architecture completed a 29,000 square foot expansion for Ansys, located at Zenith Ridge 2 in the Southpointe II business park in Canonsburg, PA. NEXT previously designed a 180,000 square foot headquarters for Ansys on this same campus. The goal of the project was to integrate Ansys’ branding and create a lively workspace. Branding was interpreted in flooring, ceiling and furniture features. Felt baffles were used as accent upon entry and at the open kitchen and training space to add acoustic balance. Switchable glass was incorporated at movable glass partitions to open the training room to the kitchen, this glass feature allows for immediate privacy. Vibrant carpet patterns accent the flow of traffic and open collaborative areas. The workplace expansion builds on Ansys’ vibrant headquarters space with an eye towards the future.

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