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BURN Atlanta info

Atlanta, GA

BURN by Rocky Patel - Atlanta is a high end cigar bar, lounge and restaurant in Atlanta’s Battery development immediately adjacent to the Atlanta Braves’ home at SunTrust Park. Featuring 4,816 square feet, BURN Atlanta is a statement in high-end luxury and finishes. Featured here is a state of the art HVAC system, 350 square foot walk-in humidor, and a custom designed indoor/outdoor bar. BURN is a game day favorite and year-round destination at the core of Atlanta’s hottest new development. Consistent with the BURN brand, the space features southern design themes. Location inspiration took the form of custom built furniture, casework and art to give BURN a distinctly southern flair. Conceptual design and brand development by Swatchroom Design + Art +Fabrication. Architectural development and construction implementation by NEXT architecture. NEXT worked as a collaborative partner with Swatchroom to translate their concepts into the built environment.

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